Happy and Healthy Me

 At Grappenhall Heys the wellbeing, health and happiness of our children is incredibly important to us. If, as a pupil, you need someone to speak to come and speak to any member of staff that you feel confident talking to. 

Please see below, some useful links to webpages which, can offer lots of useful advice and suggestions of activities to stay and feel healthy. 


Being physically active is an incredibly important way to keep our body and mind healthy. Follow this link to learn more!! 



Mental Health and Well-being Resources

For full support from Mentally Healthy Schools see:


The change4life website has lots of helpful tips to show you how to "eat well, move more, live longer". Follow this link to learn more!!


If you wanted to speak to someone other than a parent or member of staff at school about something you are worried about, you can always call Childine on 0800 1111  or click on the link below to go to their website. Here you can find out information about getting help, talking about your feelings, staying safe online and learn how to help a friend.


We provide children with opportunities to take part in Yoga and Mindful activities to promote happy and healthy lifestyles.