Keeping Our Pupils Safe and Healthy

At Grappenhall Heys, we work hard to keep you safe and healthy and that includes being safe when using a computer or electronic device.

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Keeping Our Pupils Healthy

The well beinghealth (both phyiscal and mental) and happiness of our children is incredibly important to us. If, as a pupil, you need someone to talk to, come and speak to any member of staff that you feel confident talking to. We are here to help you in anyway that we can!

If you have things on your mind and feel that you can't talk to an adult in school, there is always someone there to listen to at Childline. Call 0800 1111  or click on the link to go to their website. Here you can find out information about getting help; talking about your feelings; staying safe online and learn how to help a friend.




Being physically active is incredibly important to keep your body and mind heallthy. The change4life website has lots of helpful tips to show you how to "eat well, move more, live longer". Follow this link to learn more!!


Keeping Our Pupils Safe Online

Remember, always talk to a trusted adult if you see something that worries you online.


Using a search engine for homework? Try Kid Rex to get safe results.

Our online safety rules displayed in your classroom! Do you recognise it?

BBC video of a teenager learns the importance of of being safe online with her computerised housemate.


Click on this website below to explore going online safely for children

Online safety games

Play these online safety games to help you learn about how to keep safe online.


This game lets you play as a little robotic Internaut, learning all about cyberbullying, phishing, data protection, and more. This is taught through a variety of mini-games that are spread out across floating islands.


Band Runner by ThinkuKnow

Choose your character and overcome obstacles such as deciding whether it's safe to share videos or tell someone your age.


Cyber-Five is a fun and colorful animation that revolves around Hippo and Hedgehog, two friends who are learning about the golden rules of internet safety.


Fun Computing websites for you to enjoy at home!

BBC Dance Mat Typing!
Minecraft Hour of Code
Scratch coding


Online safety videos

BBC Own It - KS2
BBC Keeping Safe Online