Promoting Positive Behaviour

Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School is committed to providing an environment where all people can feel safe, happy, accepted and included.  It is important that a positive environment exists within which effective learning and teaching can take place.

"Pupils' behaviour is exemplary in lessons and around the school. Pupils are polite and courteous and have extremely positive attitudes to their learning."

 Ofsted, June 2015

Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School holds an important place in educating the young citizens of tomorrow so that they can take a positive and pro-active role within their community – now and in the future. To this end, we aim to encourage the behaviour of all children through promoting, recognising and rewarding positive behaviour.

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Pupils will be encouraged to develop:

  • Respect for the rights of others to be individual – respecting their feelings,opinions, cultures, differences, families, religions, gender, sexuality and abilities
  • Respect for themselves – developing a pride in their own achievements, high standards  of behaviour and personal conduct and a desire to learn and produce their best work at all times
  • Respect for their environment – valuing their home, their school, their local community and the wider world
  • Respect for the future – gaining a belief that we can all make a difference by contributing to our school. local, national and global community

These principles are enshrined in our ‘My Rights Charter.’

Staff in school will:

  • Be consistent and fair
  • Not ignore persistent poor behaviour
  • Promote self-esteem and confidence as learners
  • Celebrate strengths and support children in over-coming weaknesses
  • Involve parents in securing good behaviour and attitudes
  • Follow the school’s policies
  • Make children aware that it is the behaviour that is unacceptable not the child
  • Help children make good choices and understand consequences
  • Provide high quality, challenging teaching and set high expectations

The behaviour of our pupils is exemplary and we  work with the children in our school every day to continue to build and maintain such a positive and happy learning environment. 

Below is a monthly list of awards given out at our celebration assembly and include Special Mentions, Class Pets, Maths and Early Years Phonics:

awards_for January 2020
awards_for_February 2020