At Grappenhall Heys we are committed to keeping your children safe and that includes being safe when using a computer. The Internet Safety Rules are on display for the children in every classroom.

Our E-Safety Rules

Follow the 10 rules and stay safe online.

  1. Never give out personal information.
  2. Tell a grown-up if you find something that is not right.
  3. Never agree to meet people.
  4. Never send your picture.
  5. If someone says something mean online, tell a grown-up.
  6. Don’t do things online that you know are wrong.
  7. Check before you download anything.
  8. Don’t give out your password.
  9. Set up rules for going online.
  10. Show your parents and carers how you use the internet. Share!

The Internet opens up the world to children and young people. It allows for many wonderful educational and learning opportunities. In addition to useful education tools on the Internet, a great deal of content also exists that is not appropriate for children. We hope that the following information will support you in keeping your children safe in this digital world.

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Our Internet Safety Rules : (Staying Safe)   

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