Welcome to the Friends of Grappenhall Heys

Who Are Friends?

“Friends” are the people brought together through Grappenhall Heys School; so every adult involved with our school – be it parent, teacher, carer, member of staff, grandparent - is automatically a Friend of Grappenhall Heys.

We are all here because we want to help the school to deliver the absolute best experience it can for our children in the years they’re here and beyond.


Meet the committee...

Chair—Charlotte Banks

Vice Chair—Emma Roberts

Treasurer—Hayley Ogden-Lackey

Secretary—Dawn MacDonald


The aim of “Friends” is to maintain and promote our school's strong community spirit, within the school gates and beyond. This includes organising events to enrich everybody's time whilst part of the school, to raise funds to enable us to purchase vital facilities to enhance the education and wellbeing of the children at Grappenhall Heys C.P.S. as well as supporting local and national charities.


Putting the fun in Fundraising

Fundraising events don’t always have to be just about the money raised, we want to make them enjoyable too!
Previous events have included the family colour run, the virtual walk to Lapland, Christmas fayre and the magnificent summer ball.




Our Achievements

Recent money donated from Friends has been used to fund various learning programs such as Rising Stars, Seesaw subscriptions and other various software subscriptions. The fabulous new library project was also completed which saw the addition of Junior Librarian which the children enjoy using to enhance their learning.

Past spending has also included funding a variety of trips across the school years, numerous workshops and even a class set of ukuleles!


Our Goals

Fundraising is vital to help raise funds for our school. Grants and Government cover essentials, but we want our children to get the most out of their school days. Upgrading school facilities is key to maximising your child’s school experience.

Our goal this year is to raise...

£15,000 for one class set of iPads. Unfortunately, some of our current equipment is now out of date and I’m sure you’ll all agree that iPads have become an integral part of the children’s learning. Our ultimate aim is that each child will have access to this technology which brings a wide variety of benefits across the whole curriculum.

£5000 for further playground equipment. One interest the children across all key stages have shown, is the desire to have a sensory, zen garden. Zen gardens are a wonderful way to allow for creative expression and help with mindfulness practice.

Your donations will make such a profound difference to the lives of our children. Thank you for helping us, in helping our future generations.


How you can support Friends

Without your help, Friends cannot exist, and the school would not be quite such the wonderful place it is. There is always plenty to do… and, with a natural turnover of parent helpers as pupils progress to high school, there is always a need for more help….so please DO get involved!

All we need from you is enthusiasm and a little time. It is an excellent way to meet other parents, share ideas and become more involved in your child’s school. Please spare some of your time if you can - you won’t regret it!

Without your support we wouldn’t be able to keep going.So please join in and build on the fantastic community we have at Grappenhall Heys…let’s all contribute to our school however we can!


Fundraising made easy


The 100 Club


Join our 100 Club and be in with a chance of winning a prize of £100 six times a year!!!


This is an easy and fantastic way to contribute on a regular basis. All proceeds from the 100 Club subscriptions (after the prize has been paid) go directly to our School.


One monthly subscription costs £1. You decide how many subscriptions you would like to buy and complete a standing order mandate so that subscriptions are paid automatically from your bank account every month. More subscriptions will give you a better chance of winning. There is no limit to how many subscriptions you can buy! Draws take place at the end of each half term.


Amazon Prime

Hands up if you like to prime! Well, each time you shop on Amazon, they make a donation to us! Simply visit www.smileamazon.co.uk and follow the steps below to add Friends as your chosen charity.


Easy Fundraising

This is one of the best ways to help raise funds and do your shopping at the same time! If you haven’t signed up yet (or you know friends or family who have not signed up) then it is really easy (as the name suggests) just go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk and select Friends of Grappenhall Heys CPS as your cause. Then just go shopping using the easyfundraising site to find your retailer. Donate to Friends of GHCPS without any cost to you!





Other ways to help

You can also help raise funds by donating directly to the PTA on a regular basis by making a one-off donation using Parentmail.
It’s as easy as that - your contribution to the future development of your children’s school at the click of a button.