Eco Team


Why do we love being Eco at Grappenhall Heys?

Being an Eco-School empowers pupils, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment and also creates financial savings for schools. Children are given the opportunity to become leaders in making positive change to our environment through their own problem-solving, resilience and motivation. Children learn respect for their environment as a communal space for animals as well as people. Our Eco values are encouraged by our Eco-club who are resourceful in thinking of new ways we can become more Eco. They create positive relationships within school and listen to new ideas for how we can improve. They embody a respectful culture and are open to any suggestions. We love thinking of exciting new ways to become more Eco – from making Eco-bricks to designing posters.  

As well as the positive benefits to pupils, being an Eco-School benefits our community by reducing our environmental impact. Our Eco values help us to consume less water and energy and produce less waste.

Why are Eco skills so important?

When a child gets actively involved with Eco-Schools, they enhance their development further. They build upon their previous acquired knowledge and learn to use these skills. They understand that they have a voice and that they have a safe platform to use it. They become organisers, sharers, planners and  influencers. They become creative and resourceful in thinking of ways to solve problems that of great importance to our world.Through learning about Eco issues, children become more reflective and thoughtful.

Eco-Schools Award

Our school has achieved the Silver Eco-Schools award. We are proud of our Eco-Team for being so proactive in working towards this goal and achieving it. This award shows that most year groups have covered Eco topics across the curriculum, incorporating respect for the environment into their learning.It also shows that our Eco-team has been motivated to complete numerous Eco activities and communicated these with our school community. We are now aiming towards the Green Flag award.