Our Curriculum

Our school follows a knowledge-based curriculum underpinned by skills.

At Grappenhall Heys, our outstanding curriculum is underpinned by the breadth of opportunities that our children experience in all subjects, and a commitment to ensuring a richness of knowledge. This requires a detailed balance to be struck between what our children learn, and the way our children learn. A great detail of thought and consideration has defined the school’s vision and values set out below.

A first touchstone of our approach is to ensure the enrichment of all children. Enrichment at Grappenhall Heys is centred on the first-hand, active experiences of our students. We understand that whilst this originates within each subject ,cross-curricular learning similarly enhances our approach. We take every available opportunity to enrich our children’s experiences in school by recognising prior learning, topics and tasks. Enrichment is also ensured through the natural transfer of inspiration between school and home life.

At Grappenhall Heys, we strive at all times to be creative. Creativity is encouraged in every subject, and there is a general thirst for originality, new experiences and knowledge. We believe a child’s curiosity is ignited by making available a rich variety of learning sources, and encouraging all children to make choices and question concepts - autonomously and collaboratively. 

Working together at Grappenhall Heys is underpinned by the effective communication methods each subject encourages. Everything about our school approach is based around providing our children with a vocabulary-rich environment. Traditional and contemporary communication examples are evident across all subjects - from art sketchpads to green screen technology. Our children develop a metacognitive understanding of their own learning journey and the whole class experiences of this. Great communication fosters natural routines of support, and an understanding of one another as individuals.

A key theme in all subjects is developing a child’s resilience and belief in themselves. Together we make a difference by creating a loving community of purposeful learning. We are respectful and considerate of each other, our community, our environment and ourselves. We nurture a safe, caring environment in which everyone is supported to be healthy and happy.

We work together to develop our whole-child vision and values. This is about ensuring a diversity of experience for every child in our school, and encouraging children to celebrate individuality and act as role models to each other. We see each child as a unique individual, and we welcome the opportunities presented by an evolving local community and a diverse world.  It is also about harnessing and channelling the varied strengths of all our staff, transcending subject-specific and individual year group specialisms. The creativity of our school community continuously redefines the high expectations, standards and achievements that we see year on year.

We celebrate success and excellence. Celebrations of learning and of success are woven through our curriculum at Grappenhall Heys in multiple ways and, critically, at different stages of the children’s learning journey and experiences. Every child’s voice is heard when they need it most. We celebrate ideas as well as successes, and find creative ways to showcase the end results of children’s learning across the curriculum.

Our mission is to create helpful, respectful and responsible citizens who can apply their learning in a multitude of different contexts. We know that we have a track record of achieving this and will not lose sight of our ultimate aim: to have our children leave Grappenhall Heys with a sense of belonging, and the confidence and independence to be life-long learners.

We are Grappenhall Heys and together we make a difference. 


The curriculum we offer our children is varied, rich and relevant.  It consists of all the learning activities, experiences and interactions which promote our school values, meets the requirements of National Curriculum and also includes what we believe is important for our children’s all round development. If you wish to find out further information on our curriculum, please speak to your child's teacher or refer to the termly curriculum newsletter for each year group, which outlines  what children will be learning in school each term. These are sent home at the start of each term and are available on the Class Information pages of our website.


We follow the the Primary Curriculum for KS1 and KS2. Click here to see the Primary Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 in all subjects.


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