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  • Determination and positive attitude at its best.

    Determination and positive attitude at its best.

    Aya is an inspiration to everyone around her - see her recent sporting achievement, captured by ITV. We are so proud of you Aya Please click here to view the news article and video read more

  • The Queen got the memo!

    The Queen got the memo!

    The year 6 children have arrived safely for their first day of their action packed residential in London! read more

  • Year 4 Volcanic Investigation

    Year 4 Volcanic Investigation

    Today, Year 4 brought their topic to life by creating a volcanic eruption! We discussed chemical reactions and made links to our science topic. The children then wrote their own set of instructions about how to make a model volcano erupt! read more

  • Active Maths Revision

    Active Maths Revision

    Year 6 had a great time today completing an arithmetic and reasoning-based maths revision lesson outside. Children had to use their orienteering, communication and maths skills to solve the problems in teams today. Not to mention finding the read more

  • Year 1 Geography

    Year 1 Geography

    Year 1 spent a sunny afternoon making maps of the KS1 playground - we even know what 'aerial view' means! read more

  • Using Leaves to Learn Maths

    Using Leaves to Learn Maths

    Year 3 have been enjoying the sunshine whilst taking maths outside and collecting leaves. We then sorted the leaves on a Carroll diagram using a variety of criteria decided by the class. read more

  • Year 5 Collage Project

    Year 5 Collage Project

    Year 5 have enjoyed an afternoon working on our project ‘Collage’. We have learnt how to design, position and attach collage material in preparation for our outdoor artwork piece, which starts tomorrow. read more

  • Science Heart Dissection and Investigation

    Science Heart Dissection and Investigation

    Year 6 had an amazing time dissecting hearts today in school! Our science topic for this half term is the circulatory system and we have been learning about the heart, blood vessels and blood. One of our fantastic parents came in and supported us read more

  • Visit from Chinese Headteachers

    Visit from Chinese Headteachers

    We had a fantastic morning with our Chinese Headteachers who have travelled all the way from Xian to visit schools in the UK. They were welcomed into our school with a special assembly where our children sang a Chinese song and performed a dance. read more

  • Team GH do it again

    Team GH do it again

    Sixteen teams entered and we were crowned Broomfields’ 2019 undefeated champions! We are very proud of your determination, skill, team spirit and sportsmanship! Also, a big shout out to our loyal supporters aka Team GH Parents, who stood in read more

  • Year 6 Artwork

    Year 6 Artwork

    Having brought in photos of themselves as younger children, Year 6 have been creating some fabulous self portraits. We had great fun on Thursday afternoon looking at pictures of our pupils when they were little! Have a look on Facebook and see read more

  • The stage is set for Eva-Rose

    The stage is set for Eva-Rose

    Eva-Rose we were very excited to see you on stage! Mrs Jackson, Mrs Tyson, Miss Yau and Mrs Stephens all went to support Eva-Rose for her performance in The King and I. read more

  • Cross Curricular Links with a Tortoise

    Cross Curricular Links with a Tortoise

    Tortoise Thursdays! Mrs Stephens kindly bought her pet Tortoise Ez today. The children loved learning about him, we read the Tortoise and the Hare, solved maths problems about tortoise eggs and learnt about the life cycle of a Sea Turtle read more

  • Fractions Reasoning

    Fractions Reasoning

    Year 2 created a Fraction Museum in class today! Some more sneaky SATs revision where the children could showcase their understanding of fractions with a Fraction Exhibition! read more

  • Active Science Learning About Viscosity!

    Active Science Learning About Viscosity!

    Year 4 enjoyed making a non-Newtonian fluid in Science today. They learnt about the states of matter whilst moving around, getting messy and testing Newton’s law of viscosity. read more

  • Year 3 Burwardsley

    Year 3 Burwardsley

    Year 3 had a fantastic time in Burwardsley. The children were a real credit to the school and their behaviour was complemented upon by several people both at Beeston Castle and on our long walk back to Burwardsley Education Centre. At Beeston read more

  • Reception's Study of The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

    Reception's Study of The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

    Reception class have been studying the life cycle of a butterfly. We’ve watched our caterpillars transform into their chrysalis... and now at home with Mrs Cunningham (over the Easter break), two beautiful butterflies emerged! read more

  • Making SATs revision for Year 2 Fun!

    Making SATs revision for Year 2 Fun!

    Welcome to Summer term! ☀️ Year 2 kicking off this term with secret SATs revision. Who said missing numbered lines can’t be fun?! The children drew number lines and their partners had to guess what numbers might be missing. read more

  • Adventures at Robinwood

    Adventures at Robinwood

    Year 4 are having an incredible time on their 3 day residential at Robinwood. The photos tell the story about their exciting busy days all together! read more

  • New Library Inspires!

    New Library Inspires!

    Year 5 are inspired by the new library Harry Potter artwork and look forward to our new summer term class guided reading book The Philosophers Stone. read more

  • Glow Disco

    Glow Disco

    The different key stages had a great time at their discos yesterday. Thank you so much to Friends for their great organisation and contribution as always read more

  • Secret Spy Mission Gymnastics!

    Secret Spy Mission Gymnastics!

    A hall full of gym equipment led to wonderful exploration as secret spies by Year Two, as part of their Explorer term topic! read more

  • Our Library Project - The Video!

    Our Library Project - The Video!

    We have put together a video of our library project and the very excited reactions of our children when they first saw our amazing new learning environment. It's definitely worth a watch! read more

  • The Library Illustrations.

    The Library Illustrations.

    We hope our illustrators are feeling very proud - the characters on the wall literally make the space come to life! Thank you to our brilliant parents, Natasha and Cat, for their fabulous artwork. read more

  • Our Library Celebrations!

    Our Library Celebrations!

    We have had a wonderful afternoon marking the official opening of our new library. We are so grateful for all the help we have received from members of our school community to make this project happen and welcomed the Mayor of Warrington, Cllr read more

  • The First Few Reactions To Our Library!

    The First Few Reactions To Our Library!

    The first few reactions to the library! Our talented artists admiring their owl creation in position! read more

  • Our Visiting Author

    Our Visiting Author

    Thank you to our visiting author today Mr Reilly. He helped us to inspire and excite our children on the day of our library opening. The children are really keen to read the books and complete the writing challenges. read more

  • Yr 4 Smoothie Making Project

    Yr 4 Smoothie Making Project

    Alan Sugar watch out... Y4 entrepreneurs in the making !! As part of our DT, we designed and made healthy fruit smoothies for Olympic athletes (our teachers!!). We learnt about the nutritional values of fruits as well as the important factors read more

  • Science Project on Mothers Day!

    Science Project on Mothers Day!

    We welcomed mums to school today to celebrate Mother's Day! It was great to see so many smiling mums at our assembly and the children sang and acted beautifully. Thank you to all of those who managed to join us for the assembly, visited their read more

  • Active SATs Revision

    Active SATs Revision

    Year 6 were excited today when we told them that we were doing a past SATs paper as part of our revision... They were even more excited to find that we were going to be climbing trees whilst doing it and that the SATs paper had been cut up and read more

  • Year 4 Dance Performance

    Year 4 Dance Performance

    Our incredibly talented Year 4 class performed on stage at the Parr Hall last night, as part of the Primary Arts Network event. They performed with confidence and control and most importantly, they enjoyed every minute! We are so proud of their read more

  • Library learning space clues....

    Library learning space clues....

    Less than two weeks to go until the door opens into our exciting library learning space! Here is a few more clues to the incredible work currently going on - staff and parents are working day and night, filling the space with the most wonderful read more

  • Amazing Artwork

    Amazing Artwork

    The Artwork is back in school for a final chance to look at the amazing creations that we had on display at the Gateway in Warrington as part of the Primary Arts Network. read more

  • Year 6 Cook South American Dish

    Year 6 Cook South American Dish

    We have had a very busy afternoon in year 6 making a South American dish of Empanadas. The children devoured our left over ingredients and loved cooking them. Recipes to follow, the children have promised to make them for you at home; maybe for a read more

  • Year 3 Fencing

    Year 3 Fencing

    Year 3 having been enjoying fencing in the sunshine. Superb sportsmanship & skills being shown. read more

  • Using Maths Vocabulary

    Using Maths Vocabulary

    Year 2 Fun Maths! The children learnt about using positional and directional language and vocabulary such as: right, left, forwards, backwards, forwards, turn. They also learnt how to work together in order to get their partner to help read more

  • Year 2 Problem Solving 

    Year 2 Problem Solving 

    Problem solving in Year 2 Science using different materials to make a safe cover for the little teddy George. The children are using their problem solving and metacognition skills as well as communication and social skills to make a sturdy read more

  • Learn with your Child in Nursery and Reception

    Learn with your Child in Nursery and Reception

    This week we welcomed our parents to spend time in the Nursery and Reception classes. We looked at a maths focus and parents spent time with their children in the provision, helping them with some fun maths activities. The Nursery read more

  • Gardening in the Nursery

    Gardening in the Nursery

    This term the children are planting in our garden. This week they have been re potting some new shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Keep an eye on the developments in our read more

  • Netball Greatness

    Netball Greatness

    We are so proud of our netballers today - two hundred teams entered, and only eight made it to the county finals! We are incredibly proud to announce that our super skilled netball team went on to achieve 3rd place in the county finals today in read more

  • Maths Reasoning Fun

    Maths Reasoning Fun

    Year 6 have been investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and solving area problems using reasoning strategies. We’ve had a great time and the Year 6s have shown excellent perseverance and communication skills. read more

  • Year 6 Active Maths

    Year 6 Active Maths

    We’ve had fun using Active Maths skills to tackle a word problem treasure hunt and to explore algebra problems! read more

  • Year 6 Highwayman Art

    Year 6 Highwayman Art

    Year 6 had a great time today creating black and white drawings based on the Highwayman poem. A fun and creative day was definitely needed after Assessment Week and we have some very talented artists! read more

  • Event organising with Natwest

    Event organising with Natwest

    Year 3 have been very busy organising a birthday party with the help of Mandy from the NatWest Bank. This morning we completed the MoneySense challenge called, ‘It’s a party!” read more

  • Year 2 Spaceman Visit!

    Year 2 Spaceman Visit!

    Mr B crashed into school in his rocket today and had lots of fun with Year 2! They learnt about the conditions in space and how to build a sturdy cover out of different materials. read more

  • World Book Day

    World Book Day

    Some of the many classrooms filled with children in wonderful costumes to celebrate World Book Day. Thank you to families and staff for helping the children to have such an enjoyable day. read more

  • Movie Night

    Movie Night

    Thank you to Friends for organising such an enjoyable fundraising event this evening. The children snuggled up with teddies galore and thoroughly enjoyed the film and snacks. Thank you to volunteers and school staff for staying late into the read more

  • Warrington Town Netball Champions

    Warrington Town Netball Champions

    They’ve only gone and done it again! This afternoon, our incredibly talented netball team competed in the Level 2 Warrington School Games tournament, where they won every match without conceding a goal and were crowned Warrington Town read more

  • Our very special illustrator

    Our very special illustrator

    We are so lucky to have a parent who keeps visiting school when everyone else has gone home - to fill our library with the most wonderful drawings that will capture our children's imagination for many years to come. She has given up evenings, read more

  • Year One Fundraisers

    Year One Fundraisers

    Toby, Jasmine, Finley and big sister Amelie have raised over £200 to help towards the school library project. They took part in a night-time nature run at Speke Hall last Saturday and enthusiastically completed the 3km course! Thank you to read more

  • Active Maths and Science

    Active Maths and Science

    Year 1 enjoyed the fantastic weather with some outside maths and science. We are getting much better at dividing! In science we investigated which material would make the most waterproof house for teddy. read more

  • Exciting new books!

    Exciting new books!

    Our journey to fill the new library space with exciting books has begun. Thank you to the wonderful amount raised at the Christmas Fair, we have been able to make our first exciting order of new books. They have been carefully chosen to nurture read more

  • PE Festival

    PE Festival

    Year 3 enjoyed an energetic afternoon at the PE Festival. The children were, as always, fantastic. Thank you to our dad helpers too read more

  • Primary Arts Network Exhibition 2019

    Primary Arts Network Exhibition 2019

    Our wonderful choir, representing schools across Warrington, launched the Primary Arts Network exhibition at the Gateway in front of the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Wendy Johnson, and her consort. They performed brilliantly and were excellent ambassadors read more

  • Young Voices

    Young Voices

    Our choir represented school brilliantly this week at the MEN Arena, performing with thousands of children and some famous faces including Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley! They had an amazing time and were supported fantastically by staff and read more

  • Year 5 visit Jodrell Bank

    Year 5 visit Jodrell Bank

    On a visit to Jodrell bank, the children can explore the wonders of the universe and learn more about the workings of the giant Lovell Telescope. read more

  • Year 3 DT Project - Wonka Bars!

    Year 3 DT Project - Wonka Bars!

    The children holding the 3D boxes - these were made as part of a DT project, in which the children were challenged to create a new wrapper for Wonka bars. They researched wrappers from other brands. These were the final designs! The read more

  • Stardom beckons for Eva-Rose

    Stardom beckons for Eva-Rose

    Stardom beckons for our very own Eva-Rose in Year 2 as she has been cast as one of the King's children in the famous musical The King and I. She was also recently interviewed on BBC North West Tonight about her upcoming role on the show! read more

  • Year 6 Clay Dragon Eyes

    Year 6 Clay Dragon Eyes

    As part of our school-wide Primary Arts Network project, all classes have been studying Lewis Carroll. In English, Year 6 have been reading The Jabberwocky and creating our own poetry and non-chronological reports linked to our science work on read more

  • Year 6 Magistrate's Talk

    Year 6 Magistrate's Talk

    A huge thank you to Jean Scott, a Cheshire Magistrate, who came into school to discuss the British Justice System with the children. They talked about the difference between a Magistrates' and Crown Court and discussed Youth Courts and the role of read more

  • Year 5 Fire Safety

    Year 5 Fire Safety

    Year 5 have learnt all about fire safety today through our Fire Brigade visitors. We have talked about fire prevention, causes of a fire and what to do in the case of a fire. We then had the opportunity of going inside the smoke tent. read more

  • Year 6 Visit Safety Central

    Year 6 Visit Safety Central

    Year 6 had a great time visiting Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service's amazing Safety Central centre. We learned about fire safety, countryside safety, water safety, electrical safety, road safety, online safety, healthy eating and lots more! A huge read more

  • Young Writers Competition Year 2 

    Young Writers Competition Year 2 

    Wow! Thank you Young Writers for selecting our Year 2 poems to be published into a book! Year 2 wrote and sent off poems about The Great Fire of London back in October. Today, we received great news telling us that all of the children who read more

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    To get in the Christmas spirit, Year 6 took part in a fun yet competitive game of snowball dodgeball! Merry Christmas to all our Grappenhall Heys children and their families and friends. read more

  • The Inn-Spectors!

    The Inn-Spectors!

    A HUGE well done to our Early Years and KS1 children for successfully (and brilliantly!) completing three Nativity shows. The children were all amazing and put on a great show. ���� Thank you for your continued read more

  • Swimming Heroes

    Swimming Heroes

    Our fantastic swimming team took part in the Year 4 swimming gala this week. They competed against a number of schools and demonstrated outstanding swimming technique as well as great team spirit. Well done team GHPS! read more

  • Keep Moving with Wolfie!

    Keep Moving with Wolfie!

    This afternoon, the mischievous Wolfie and the Warrington Wolves community coaches joined us on our daily walk/run. We had lots of giggles whilst keeping active. read more

  • We Will Remember Them

    We Will Remember Them

    We commemorated 100 years since the ending of World War 1 today with a two minute silence. Every child also contributed to our lovely display in the school corridor. A special thanks to our wonderful parent helpers for putting the stunning display read more

  • Times Tables Rock Stars

    Times Tables Rock Stars

    We are excited to announce that across KS2 our children are now using Times Tables Rock Stars. Children have their own logins and are enjoying maths and learning their times tables. read more

  • Year 5 Residential

    Year 5 Residential

    Welcome back to Year 5 who have had a fabulous week on their residential in Lledr Hall. read more

  • Year 1 Naughty Bus Adventure

    Year 1 Naughty Bus Adventure

    Year 1 have been reading the story of the Naughty Bus. Today they took their buses on an adventure around school. The buses got a little bit muddy playing football and even found a pumpkin! Visit our Facebook page for more pictures. read more

  • Year 2 visit Weaver Hall Museum 

    Year 2 visit Weaver Hall Museum 

    Year 2 had a great day at Weaver Hall Museum and Lion Salt Works today! They learnt all about The Great Fire of London, Samuel Pepys and the plague. The children even made a 'tussy mussy' to ward away the plague and a fire mark to hang up at read more

  • Grandparents' Day

    Grandparents' Day

    We had a fantastic day today when we welcomed grandparents into Grappenhall Heys. They joined us for our Friday Celebration Assembly and then joined in lessons and spent time with their grandchildren. It was wonderful to see so many grandparents read more

  • Superstan! 


    Well done to our fabulous KS2 children who took part in Superstan this week. Year 6 led the performance with their wonderful acting, singing and dancing. read more

  • Wear Something Yellow - Cystic Fibrosis

    Wear Something Yellow - Cystic Fibrosis

    The whole school wore yellow today to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. We held a cake sale too and raised lots of money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust! read more

  • North Cheshire Champions

    North Cheshire Champions

    A huge well done to our very talented Year 6 actors who took part in the North Cheshire Magistrates' Primary Mock Trial Competition today and won! The children had to act out their roles as ushers, legal advisers, defence lawyers, prosecutors, read more

  • Dads to school day!

    Dads to school day!

    We welcomed Dads and Granddads into school today and had a fantastic turnout!The morning started with a special assembly, followed by time in the class and outside and refreshments, we hope that everyone enjoyed their morning. Thanks to Friends read more

  • Health Week 2018

    Health Week 2018

    This week has been our annual Health and Well-Being week; the children have had the opportunity to take part in many activities. We started the week with Zumba and skipping, Y1-6 took part in forest school activities. There were healthy eating read more

  • Year 6 Heart Dissection

    Year 6 Heart Dissection

    Year 6 have had a really interesting afternoon dissecting lambs' hearts as part of our science curriculum. We discussed the circulatory system and how our hearts function. A huge thank you to the two knowledgeable parents who joined us and led read more

  • Cooking in School

    Cooking in School

    Year 1, 2, and 6 have been cooking in school this week and discussing healthy eating. Click here to see more photos on our school Facebook page. read more

  • Year 5 / 6 Football Tournament

    Year 5 / 6 Football Tournament

    Our amazing Year 5/6 team played their first football tournament of the year this week. They performed incredibly well and didn't concede a goal! read more

  • Year 4 Residential to Robinwood 

    Year 4 Residential to Robinwood 

    Year 4 had a great time at Robinwood. Click here for more photos on our school Facebook page. read more

  • Year 2 visit to Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden 

    Year 2 visit to Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden 

    Click here for more photos on our school Facebook page. read more

  • Maths Week

    Maths Week

    We enjoyed Maths Week across the whole school! Check out our video here to see what we got up to... read more

  • Netball Champions!

    Netball Champions!

    Warrington Level 2 Netball Champions!!!! �� County finals here we come... read more

  • Year 6 Mock Trials

    Year 6 Mock Trials

    Year 6 had a brilliant time today, taking part in mock trials. We set up the classroom like a magistrates court and the children took on the roles of usher, magistrates, defendant, victim, witnesses, prosecutor, defence lawyer and legal read more

  • Care with the Mayor

    Care with the Mayor

    We helped the Mayor, Les Morgan, break a World Record today by visiting 18 schools in one day! read more

  • Christmas Fun Day

    Christmas Fun Day

    Thanks to Friends and our supportive Grappenhall Heys parents for organising a fabulous event for everyone at our Christmas Fun Day today. read more

  • MP visit - Faisal Rashid

    MP visit - Faisal Rashid

    We were joined in school today by Faisal Rashid our local MP. He was taken on a tour of our school by two of our Year 6 children and then joined us for our weekly Celebration Assembly. read more

  • KS1 and Early Years Nativity 

    KS1 and Early Years Nativity 

    That's a wrap! We are so proud of our Early Years and KS1 children for performing their nativity show 'Hey Ewe!' so fantastically. The children completed three shows successfully. They were absolute stars! Merry Christmas! read more

  • Year 6 Safety Central Visit

    Year 6 Safety Central Visit

    Year 6 had a fantastic time at the new Safety Central interactive life skills centre in Lymm last week. Our visit included water safety, electrical safety, road safety, esafety, countryside safety and fire safety. We even watched an LED projected read more

  • Year 6 First Aid Training

    Year 6 First Aid Training

    Year 6 were visited by Nathan from St John's Ambulance service on Wednesday. All the children took part in first aid training on asthma, burn and scalds, choking, fainting, poisons, bleeding and how to put someone into the recovery position. They read more

  • Meet our Prefects

    Meet our Prefects

    Welcome to our Autumn term Year 6 prefects. read more

  • Author visit

    Author visit

    Today Year 5 and 6 had a visit from an author, who has had three books published, she writes historical thrillers and she shared some of her books with us and talked to us about how she gets her initial ideas. Even taking notes on the back of a read more

  • Welcome Back

    Welcome Back

    Welcome back to all our pupils and parents. We hope that you have had a lovely summer break and are ready and raring to go! read more

  • Leavers' Assembly

    Leavers' Assembly

    Goodbye to our Year 6s, who were amazing in their assembly today. Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our celebrations. read more

  • Joseph! 


    A massive well done to KS2, especially Year 6, for their amazing singing, dancing and acting in our KS2 production. Grappenhall Heys Primary School presents an amateur school production by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd., Joseph read more

  • Appaws Dog Training Visitor 

    Appaws Dog Training Visitor 

    We had Tina come in today from Appaws Dog Training with her lovely 9 month old Labradoodle, Penny. Our very own Toby has taken the time to train some of the dogs to become 'best friends' for children. Penny is very well behaved and can do read more

  • Bring Dad to School Day

    Bring Dad to School Day

    We were overwhelmed by how many Dads and grandads were able to join us today to celebrate Father’s Day. They enjoyed an assembly, coffee and cake, spent time in the classrooms and then took part in circus skills, mini-Olympics and golf. Year read more

  • Health Week

    Health Week

    We have had a whole week of Health and Well-Being and the children are all energised after a very busy timetable of events which included yoga, climbing wall, fencing, cheerleading, skipping, Zumba, tennis, circusology, mini-Olympics and golf. read more

  • Y6 Magistrates Visit

    Y6 Magistrates Visit

    We'd like to thank Jean, a local magistrate, for visiting Year 6 today. She worked with the children this morning to discuss British values, the legal system, court processes, our rights and responsibilities and what victims go through. The read more

  • Year 5/6 Football Tournament

    Year 5/6 Football Tournament

    Well done to the children who took part in our Y5/6 football tournament this week. All the children represented the school brilliantly and played well. They just missed out going through to the next round. Our two referees for the day were read more

  • Happy Hat Day

    Happy Hat Day

    Well done to all the children who wore hats to school today in exchange for bringing bottles to school for our Spring Fair. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Spring Fair on Sunday 21st May between 12 and 3. read more

  • Y1 to visit Warrington Museum

    Y1 to visit Warrington Museum

    read more

  • Talent Show 

    Talent Show 

    Our talented children put on a fantastic show on Thursday for the school and special guests. Judges included Mrs Jackson, Mrs Robinson and Mr Lawton. Mrs Carr and Mr Dunne was also here on behalf of The River Reeves Foundation. Well read more

  • Year 6 Residential to Robinwood

    Year 6 Residential to Robinwood

    Year 6 had a fabulous time on their residential in Robinwood, Todmorden. They were brilliantly behaved and had great fun taking part in various activities including caving, archery, giant swing, trapeze, climbing, etc. More photos can be seen by read more

  • World Book Day

    World Book Day

    Once again our children came dressed up in amazing outfits to celebrate World Book Day. read more

  • Update on school closure

    Update on school closure

    The heating and hot water are working again so as things stand now, school will be open as normal tomorrow. (Tuesday) A Parentmail message will be sent by 7:30am tomorrow confirming this once the situtation has been checked in the morning. read more

  • 27th February: School closure

    27th February: School closure

    We have been advised by the Local Authority that we should close the school today as we have no heating or hot water. We apologise for the disruption but the safety and well-being of our children is of the utmost importance. We will let you read more

  • Year 2 visit to Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden

    Year 2 visit to Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden

    Year 2 visit to Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden. They had great fun on a scavenger hunt, making a bug hotel and planting cress seeds! read more

  • Puppy Year 2 Visit

    Puppy Year 2 Visit

    Ethan M's mummy brought in her lovely bulldog puppy which linked to our science topic 'Animals and Humans'. We talked about how a puppy grows into a dog and learnt lots about their development! Thank you Ethan's mummy! read more

  • Molecular Marty!

    Molecular Marty!

    We had a Fun with Science assembly with molecular Marty this week! It was brilliant fun and we made slime, candy floss and inflated a balloon using vinegar & bicarb of soda. read more

  • Y5/6 Cyber Bullying Talk 

    Y5/6 Cyber Bullying Talk 

    As part of Esafety week, we'd like to say a huge thanks to Jordan Calder our local PCSO who came into talk to Year 5 and 6 this week about cyber bulling and how to stay safe online. read more

  • Big Garden Birdwatch 

    Big Garden Birdwatch 

    Big Garden Birdwatch! Year 2 participated in this year's Big Garden Birdwatch. We spotted crows, magpies pigeons - to name a few! We then discussed how we could encourage different types of species to visit our school! read more

  • Chinese New Year 

    Chinese New Year 

    All the classes had a Chinese Dance Workshop today to celebrate Chinese New Year. We finished the day by having a whole school assembly to perform the stunning dances. read more

  • Reception and Year 1 Find Dinosaurs!

    Reception and Year 1 Find Dinosaurs!

    Reception and Year 1 have been Paleontologists this week in school. They have been digging for, locating and identifying fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs from the past. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and a few read more

  • Ian Bland Visits Grappenhall Heys

    Ian Bland Visits Grappenhall Heys

    To start a freezing cold Tuesday, the whole school fully engaged in an assembly with Ian Bland. We performed lots of his poems and particularly enjoyed learning about what truly happens in the school staffroom! Throughout the day each class read more

  • Pantomime 


    To begin our Spring term the whole school enjoyed Dick Whittington Panto. There were lots of fun opportunities to engage with the characters on stage. It was a great chance to watch professionals perform on stage in our school setting. We all read more

  • Year 5 Science at Bridgewater High School

    Year 5 Science at Bridgewater High School

    Year 5 had an exciting morning at Bridgewater High School. They built bridges out of dry spaghetti and string, experimented with how some metals react with water and to finish the session they made gooey slime, which they were allowed to read more

  • Green Screen Technology

    Green Screen Technology

    On our final day of term, some of our Year 6 boys have given up the opportunity to play and be Christmassy to set up and work out how to use the Green Screen Technology generously given to us by last year's Y6 children and families. The boys read more

  • Christmas Parties

    Christmas Parties

    We have had great fun in school today at our Christmas parties. A huge thanks to the brilliant parents who gave up their time to help with the festivities. read more

  • Father Christmas

    Father Christmas

    Look who came to visit us in school today! read more

  • Year 3 Christmas Making and Baking Day

    Year 3 Christmas Making and Baking Day

    Year 3 had a brilliant time cooking and creating on their Christmas Making and Baking Day. They made gingerbread, paper plate reindeers, snowflakes, streamers, Christmas trees and clay reindeer. All the above done whilst singing along to our read more

  • St Rocco's Light Up a Life

    St Rocco's Light Up a Life

    Last week our wonderful school choir sang at the St Rocco's Hospice "Light Up A Life" service at St Elphin's Church. They looked and sounded great as they sang "The Cowboy Carol." read more

  • Christmas Lunch

    Christmas Lunch

    We had a wonderful Christmas lunch today in school. A huge thanks to Mrs Williams and the children for making our stunning centre pieces. read more

  • Year 4 swimming team bring home the silverware

    Year 4 swimming team bring home the silverware

    After competing in many challenging heats, our fantastic swimming team were awarded the Gala Cup on Monday. The team showed determination and outstanding sportsmanship. We are very proud of their achievements. Well done team GH! read more

  • Year 6 and Year 4 with Fun Food Chef

    Year 6 and Year 4 with Fun Food Chef

    Year 6 had a fabulous time with the Fun Food Chef this week cooking and eating South American food! The garlic chicken and cheesy bread was one of their favourites! Year 4 created a variety of European delicacies including moules, pilaf rice read more

  • Halloween Discos

    Halloween Discos

    A huge thank you to Friends for organising our school discos. The children and their pumpkins looked amazing and it took the teachers quite a long time to work out who was who with all the terrifying costumes and spine-tingling make up! read more

  • Year 3 and 4 Rugby Festival

    Year 3 and 4 Rugby Festival

    Our fantastic Year 3 and Year 4 rugby stars took part in the Warrington Wolves Rugby Festival today and remained unbeaten! They showed determination, courage and good sportmanship! I was majorly proud of their achievement. Well done team! Aim, read more

  • Grandparents' Day

    Grandparents' Day

    We had a fantastic day in school today with Grandparents joining us in the classroom. Early Years and Key Stage 1 Grandparents joined us in the morning and Key Stage 2 Grandparents in the afternoon. It was wonderful to see so many Grandparents in read more

  • Year 5 residential

    Year 5 residential

    Year 5 have had a very tiring day! Firstly we went to the Borth-y-gest beach, where we did rock climbing, rock scrambling and had a sandcastle competition. Then this evening we have been on a nighttime walk, listening and observing our read more

  • Year 6 Christmas Cards

    Year 6 Christmas Cards

    Children throughout school have been making Christmas cards. The Year 6 children have amazed us all with their fantastic artistic skills, combining watercolour, charcoal, pen and paint to create wintry scenes. Friends will be sending out the cards read more

  • Y2 have a visit from Cheshire Fire Service

    Y2 have a visit from Cheshire Fire Service

    Year 2 had a visit from the Cheshire Fire Service! They learnt about the differences between fire engines and their services now compared to 1666 when the Great Fire Of London started! We had 31 very excited children. They also got to give the read more

  • Year 6 First Aid Training

    Year 6 First Aid Training

    Well done to all our Year 6 children who took part in a full day of first aid training today with a St John's Ambulance trainer. The children focused on how to keep themselves safe and to communicate effectively with others. They also covered read more

  • KS2 Mini Ball

    KS2 Mini Ball

    What a fantastic evening. Key Stage 2 were welcomed to the Village Hotel for the annual Mini Ball. All the children were dressed up and looked absolutely amazing! A huge thanks to our fabulous Friends team who organised the event and made it such read more