Our Library Project

Our fabulous new library project is beginning to take shape and its completion is looming. We hope to open our new library for the children at the beginning of March 2019 and all the staff and children are very excited. 

The wall between the old ICT suite and old library has now been knocked down and the bi-fold doors will be fitted in February. 
Our new library will take on a woodland theme, in keeping with our school logo. Our pupil voice,  parent working parties and Friends have been working hard to contribute to the development of this exciting project and keep the rest of the children involved too. 

Please see further details and pictures below!

Thank you for your continued support.

The space taking shape!

Plans for the space....

The designing of this space has brought the whole school community together: children, parents, teachers, governors - all having a voice, to plan such an important space at in our school. The school council meetings have focused on the library project throughout the year. Please see the children's great ideas below!

There are many more exciting elements to this image which, has been informed by the voice of the school community and will capture the children's imaginations! We are incredibly lucky at school to have some very talented parents amongst us, who are helping to plan and draw illustrations for the wall.

The children's voice

"Bring the words of a book onto the wall!"

"Can we have a tree like nursery have?"

"Comfy and cosy, relaxed - not to be a rushed environment"

"Think about where the light comes from to be eco-friendly"

"Sunshine shapes around the lights"

"Hang features which reflect light"

"A rainbow wall"

"Can there be a tunnel?"

"Can there by fairytale books on the wall?"

"Can the whole class be in there?"

"Can we project images onto the ceiling?"

Our journey to fill the new library space with exciting books has begun. Thank you to the wonderful amount raised at the Christmas Fair, we have been able to make our first exciting order of new books. They have been carefully chosen to nurture the children's current interests in all age groups and to support a diverse love of learning across all areas of the curriculum. The books that will remain in school for guided reads will challenge reading skills and comprehension. The books sent home are carefully chosen to improve each child's fluency and pace and widen their vocabulary.