Active Learning

We are very proud of the sporting opportunities and physically active sessions that we offer the children at our school.  Children take part in PE lessons, after school clubs, active breaks and lessons,  sporting festivals and competitive events. During the week, children complete in over 200 active participations sessions offered to children from Reception to Year 6. We are also very proud and celebrate weekly, sporting achievements as part of school events as well as celebrating personal successes outside of school. Outdoor education is also an important part of our school experience. Each year in Key Stage 2 children are given an opportunity to take part in outdoor activities in school residentials.

It is so important to offer a wide range of activities delivered in our school, which aim to contribute to the overall education, health and well-being of all children, helping them to lead full and valuable lives by engaging in purposeful and high-quality activity. The recommendation of daily physical activity in schools is 30 minutes per day (

Across the academic year, we rotate the sports available within the extra-curricular programme, which include the following:




Circuit Training

Football (R)(KS1)(KS2)






Please click here to see the After School Club webpage for the calendar for each term




Active Learning in lessons - watch this video to see examples of how we use active learning to support our curriculum.



A recent initiative to maximise the opportunity of our break and lunch-times to encourage enjoyable and effective physical activity is our sports crew sessions. The objective is to engage all children in a variety of fun activities that they can easily access. They are supported by enthusiastic and motivating staff and our children who are currently training to become sports leaders.

We love our weekly celebrations of  school event sporting achievements and personal successes outside of school.

As part of the Schools Games award we host football tournaments for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children. This involves collaborating with neighbouring schools to enjoy healthy participation and competition. Children, parents and staff always thoroughly enjoy these events.

Our annual health week is supported by local community clubs to encourage the children to try new sports and activities that they can continue by accessing the opportunities available to them outside of school.

We also follow up exciting annual events with regular assemblies that support our children's understanding of the importance of making healthy choices and visitors to school such as the Fun Food Chef.